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:: Staff Reviews :.

 Pain of Salvation album art (BE)
BE (Pain of Salvation)
BE is a good example of a concept album getting in the way of its perfectly fine concept. It kicks off with nothing short of a narration from God--Pain of Salvation have clearly come to terms with their delusions of grandeur--and eventually moves on to an unfunny skit about some guy trying to get his girlfriend to suck him off and eventually telling her she can drive his car so long as she's good at working the stick. "But it's an automatic!" isn't exactly Bill Hicks material. The admittedly nuanced story that's presented by all of these scenes comes off as little more than lyracist Daniel Gildenlöw waving his 14-inch intellectual cock around in our faces, and it doesn't do anything to complement the music. more...

 Cursive album art (The Ugly Organ)
The Ugly Organ (Cursive)
Cursive is a bit like Death Cab for Cutie in that they’re constantly labeled emo. Of course both are strictly indie rock and not the latest “me too” pop punk acts playing the same three chords with that one vocal style all of those bands use (you know the one!). However, while Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard uses his light voice to sing pretty songs about being sad and lonely, Cursive plays abrasive and tortured songs about lust, love and meaningless sex. more...

Nelly Furtado album art (Loose)
Loose (Nelly Furtado)
Ignoring the legion of Rush fans, most music nuts will tell you Canada is the home of indie music thanks to critically acclaimed bands like The Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade. But now we have a new face that has popped up out of the blue in Canada: the Canadian-Portuguese self-described “punk-hop” artist Nelly Furtado. I knew the lovely Mrs. Furtado would dazzle me as soon as I saw the album art with her rather constipated-looking photo and the now unintentionally comical title “Loose” (what exactly does she want to be loose?!) more...

Garth Brooks album art (Fresh Horses)
Fresh Horses (Garth Brooks)
Garth Brooks is rumored to have expressed disappointment when Fresh Horses wasn’t received as well as anticipated. He may or may not have said anything on the subject, but the claim is certainly credible. Fresh Horses sold poorly compared to its immediate and much-loved predecessor, No Fences, but it contained some truly fantastic music. more...

:: Member Reviews :.

Joanna Newsom album art (Ys)
Ys (Joanna Newsom)
There are two types of people in the world: those who absolutely abhor Ys and those who absolutely love it. more...

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